#5: Why you need an expert MYSQL DBA

Why you need an expert MYSQL DBA

Most organizations wait for problems to occur with their enterprise applications before they take any measure. The signs of these problems go unnoticed until a major failure occurs.  A study made by Gleanster Research found that the most common reason for performance issues in an application is related to the database. They found that the database related issues account for a staggering 88% of all application issues.

A routine check on the database health can reveal weak points much before they become a real problem. In my 17 years of experience as an expert MYSQL DBA,  I have helped many of the Fortune 500 companies to not just solve their issues but also find potential problems and rectify them.

Signs of Problems in Enterprise Applications

There are many things that you might notice about the change in application’s behavior.  Following are some of the most common issues related to databases that require the attention of a DBA.

  1. MYSQL queries seem to be stuck for minutes. This can occur out of nowhere, but once it begins, it’s most likely that it will not solve on its own.
  2. A sudden dip in application performance. This is usually seen as applications taking a long time to perform small simple tasks.
  3. MYSQL DB starts to take up a lot of computational and storage resources. You might see that the CPU is being used more than usual and the rate of increase in storage is faster than usual.
  4. You might find that the rep
    lication slaves are struggling to keep up with the increase in data.


Have you observed any of these signs? If yes, then I would strongly recommend you to consider consulting an Expert MYSQL DBA.


Expert MySQL DBA
Expert MySQL DBA

Major Difficulties While Working With the DBAs

For database management and consulting, there is a good chance that you might come across a lot of people without the right qualifications. It has become very difficult to find expert MYSQL DBAs.




Even after hiring someone, you cannot be fully sure if a problem is completely fixed or a temporary patch has been applied. Inexperience can lead to potential threats being missed. As a DBA, the job is not to just fix the problem at hand but to also find threats and other potential problems and weaknesses. Unfortunately, I am seeing that many DBAs aren’t doing these things today.


Major corporations like Percona and Oracle have a good number of  expert MYSQL DBAs, but they are extremely expensive and other companies have to bear huge costs by engaging them.

Finally, difficulties arise when only a partial solution has been identified by the DBA. This usually occurs when the root cause of the problem is not identified, but a fix is made only to counter the issues occurring in the production environment. Though this might not be an issue on a short-term basis, it has to be rectified to make sure that this does not lead to another bigger problem.

Characteristics of an Expert DBA

MySQL Performance Expert
MySQL Performance Expert

If you are consulting a DBA, then you can look for the following characteristics to evaluate if he is good as a DBA consultant.

  • A good MYSQL DBA consultant listens to all of the client’s needs and problems and proposes a set of approaches to solving the problem or gives a lot of useful recommendation.
  • The consultant has the ability to provide enterprise-wide support for MYSQL.
  • The DBA will identify exactly why the application is struggling and quickly find the database issues. He then helps the client’s team by guiding them through a step-by-step procedure to correct the problems.
  • The consultant brings in a vast amount of experience working even with the Fortune 500 companies and helping them in keeping the enterprise database healthy.


I have been doing all of this for almost two decades now and my clients have been extremely satisfied and happy with my consultation and enterprise-wide support. Many of the above points might be missed if the DBA is not good and that might lead to the problems going unnoticed.


MySQL Advice Expert
MySQL Advice Expert

How I can help you

As an expert MYSQL DBA, I consult organizations on their problems, understand their needs completely and propose solutions. All of my clients are extremely happy with my services and here is how I can help you.

I bring in almost two decades of experience working with large corporations to quickly identify the problems with your databases on an enterprise-wide level.


  • Did you know that regular monitoring of databases is extremely important for performance and security? And for that reason, I can help you set up various strategies for:
    • Monitoring all the MySQL databases
    • Monitor performance metrics
    • Monitor security and integrity of your databases.
  • The solutions that I will propose will be tailored to your needs and requirements. In other words, they will be optimized for your infrastructure.
  • Most of the times, I will propose a time bank of hours and you can use it according to your convenience. Most importantly, results are 100% guaranteed.
  • Once all the issues have been identified, I then guide the team in a step-by-step manner through my unique coaching program, to implement the solutions.


Do you need my Help?

I am here to help and strategize and solve any type of enterprise-wide issues that you have. You can reach out to me via the website or you can email me at [email protected]

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