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Are You Struggling With Your Databases?

My Name is Eric Vanier, I'm a MySQL data Performance Expert. Let us help you and your data reach it's full potential!

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Does any of this sound familiar?

All MySQL queries seem to be stuck for 1-2 minutes!"

"MySQL is consuming too much CPU. And disk!"

"Things were running fine for three months and suddenly performance slowed down!"

"Replication slaves can’t keep up anymore."

Why Are We Your Best Choice?

Database Time For Tuning Action

Since 2001 we have helped fortune 500 companies to keep their enterprise databases happy!

We understand exactly why you are struggling, we will identify your major database performance issues quickly, and we will show you step by step how to correct the situation through my unique coaching care !

You will receive an Enterprise-Wide Support For MySQL, MariaDB, CouchBase and MongoDB.

Database performance Assessment

What is the process?

performance Assessment


We will discuss & listen to you regarding your needs. A NDA agreement will be proceed for the confidentiality of your critical information & data.

performance Assessment


We will set up an access to your servers and databases for our expert to use during the audit. Create VPN, SSH and DB accounts as necessary.

performance Assessment


We log in to the server to gather information about hardware and software configurations, and to capture samples of performance data and metrics.

performance Assessment


Our expert analyses information collected from the DB server and we will share and discuss the report result with you included our recommendations.

Success Stories And Testimonials

Over 115 Satisfied Customers + 12465 database optimizations done!

“We hired Eric as a MySQL consultant both to train our personnel and to evaluate the existing design and make any recommendations for improvement. He is very competent, reliable and works well in a team environment. He is trustworthy and his recommendations were invaluable. It’s easy to work with Eric, who has an impeccable work ethic.

Stella Budrean, Manager at Radio-Canada Inc.

“I hired Eric to look over our existing MySQL deployments. Our deployment had some major performance issues. Eric came in and within the first 2 hours had a pointed our major problem and had a list of recommendations to correct our MySQL performance issues. Eric works well with my team and is completely willing to do knowledge transfer while fixing issues. Eric was always available and completely trustworthy. I will be recommending Eric to anyone that needs MySQL performance improvements. Thank you very much Eric!”

Chris, Manager, Systems Engineering and Delivery Engineering & Operations

“Eric was hired as a consultant to guide our company’s IT team though a complete revamp of the MySQL environment. It became clear early on that Eric was definitely up to the task. His technical skills as a MySQL DBA are impressive and matched by his passion for his work. But not only is he an extremely capable consultant, Eric is the perfect mentor and trainer for a team that is looking into becoming more proficient with MySQL and data management in general. We are extremely happy to have found Eric and would recommend him to anyone.”

Mikhael Belanger, IT Director Prosol Distribution Inc.

“Eric is a detail oriented individual and an excellent team player. He is predominantly focused on the team's objectives. He has excellent listening and communication skills and delivers on time and his high level of motivation and work ethic in generating quality work, makes him an excellent service provider for consideration. I strongly recommend Eric and would love to work with him again!”


mysql remote dba new york

You will receive an Enterprise-Wide Support For MySQL, MariaDB, CouchBase and MongoDB.

MySQL query optimization

Since 2001 We have helped fortune 500 companies to keep their enterprise databases happy!

Percona remote dba experts

The Coaching FlexiCare ensures an immediate performance gains with ongoing technical Support.


We have helped customers with MongoDB® and CouchBase; all of the major variants of MySQL®, Amazon® RDS, MariaDB®; and the major high availability solutions for MySQL, MySQL Galera Cluster, and MySQL Cluster. We have also worked with clients to build, fix, optimize and manage their deployments, whether on premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid.










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