Have you felt the need for database optimization to be performed without giving any access to your production data?​

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • “All MySQL queries seem to be stuck for 1-2 minutes!”
  • “MySQL is consuming too much CPU and disk!”
  • “Things were running fine for three months and suddenly performance slowed down!”
  • “Replication can’t keep up anymore.”
  • “We often get MySql connection timeout”
  • “Many connect errors – Host is blocked by MySQL”
  • “API requests dropping out frequently”
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Try our unique non-intrusive approach


We understand the risk involved with exposing your data, and we have a solution that addresses all your concerns.


Our proprietary approach allows us to monitor, collect vital statistics, and analyze the database to provide optimization recommendations all without access.


We will work with your team and provide you with a detailed plan of action to optimize your databases, optimize your queries quickly and seamlessly.

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Why hire us?

checkmark We understand exactly why you are struggling.

checkmark We will identify your major database performance issues quickly.

checkmark We don’t need to have access to your DB to help you.


You will receive an enterprise-wide support for

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Since 2001,

We have helped Fortune 500 companies to keep their enterprise databases happy!

The one on one coaching  ensures an immediate performance gain with ongoing technical support.

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