Cogeco brings down turn-around-time to seconds. Turns around its business metrics!

October 2018

The second largest cable operator in the regions of Ontario and Quebec, Cogeco offers its users a two-way broadband service. They offer internet, video and telephone services to residential and business entities. With, has increased their performance through decreased turn-around time and happy end users.

"Eric works well with my team, and he is completely willing to do knowledge transfer while fixing issues. Eric was always available and completely trustworthy."

The power of Cogeco

Cogeco serves residential and small business communities, offering them access to telephony, video and the internet. Cogeco communications also offer its business users a set of extended IT services. These services which include network connectivity, hosting and communication are offered through their data centers and presence throughout the Northern part of America and Europe.

The Challenge

The client faced a lot of complaints due to slow turn-around time. The deployment of the database system had issues which resulted in slow response times. The number of threads processed was being affected leading to the fall in business metrics as well as the quality of performance.

 The communication application slowed down. Negative feedback and complaints from the end-users had started to appear. The long response time sometimes stretched to minutes and hours causing unrest among the users.’s Solution

Eric Vanier ran a thorough hygiene check and within the first two hours pointed out significant problems in the database system. The identified issues were used to map out recommendations to improve the MySQL performance. The challenges being faced by the client in their product deployment caused longer return times and leading to a problem for the end-user. 

"Our deployment had some major performance issues. Eric came in and within the first 2 hours had a pointed our major problem and had a list of recommendations to correct our MySQL performance issues."

To tackle this, Eric Vanier configured the database and tuned specific queries to reduce the turn-around time from minutes to a mere 2 seconds. The result was an improvement in the performance by an approximate 96%. 

An optimized performance meant quicker response and better communication to the end-user hence shooting up the business metrics for the client, saving on cost and time


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