Advanced MySQL 8.0

Advanced MySQL 8.0 : Learn the tricks to enhance application performance

Today’s rate of technological evolution is unprecedented. Newer versions of software are now bringing in phenomenal improvements, not just in performance but in its core capabilities. When it comes to MySQL, the latest addition to the family is the MySQL 8.0 suite. With this version, enterprises have the capability to:

  • Further their application performance
  • Improve upon the existing data security
  • Enhance the overall infrastructure and more.

In my experience as a Database Administrator over the past two decades, I have seen some of the best ways of maintaining a database and some of the worst ones. However, among all the implementations, I have found that the lack of technical expertise is leading to underperforming and even hampered application stability.

As a DBA, you might have faced issues when you are trying to maintain a MySQL database. It’s quite common to find that there are many essential guidelines and components that aren’t being followed. The often leads to poor database performance. This has been the issue with a majority of the databases deployed in the world today.

The Problem that Thousands of DBAs Face

There is a simple solution to this concerning problem. And the solution is to provide the right kind of training. With this training, not only will you be able to use the advanced tools that MySQL8 provides effortlessly, you will be able to detect issues faster and find a solution sooner. Training has helped me immensely over the course of my journey as a DBA and this is an opportunity that I took to share my knowledge and expertise with others all around the world.

In my latest book, “Advanced MySQL 8.0 ”, I cover some of the most essential and critical components of MySQL8 that will help you master it.

What can you Expect from Advanced MySQL 8.0 ?

Eric Vanier Advanced MySQL 8

Let’s look at what you can expect from the book and how exactly it will benefit you.

Latest Features

Through my book, I introduce the latest features that comes with MySQL8 and how you can use them to gain maximum efficiency of your database. Gaining database efficiency leads to improved website performance and achieving this is essential as it delivers better user experience.

Advanced Indexing Strategies

If you have worked with large scale enterprise databases, you will be familiar with the impact indexing has on a database. While good indexes can pronounce the performance of the application, bad indexing can do some serious damage. With this book, we will go through some important indexing strategies and answer some fundamental questions on how and when to create indexes.

MySQL 8.0 comes with advanced support for query executions plans, and it is imperative that you learn how to do read and implement it for maximum impact on the database performance.

Techniques for Handling Large Queries

Large queries are an integral part of the enterprise databases. These are also one of the prime suspects for slow application load time and bad performance. However, it need not be the case always. Using case studies and new features from MySQL 8.0, we will explore how large queries can be handled.

Authentication and Security Updates with MySQL 8.0

Data Security is the single most important aspect for any enterprise and rightfully so. Data is extremely precious in today’s world and you will have to learn how to implement the security is the best possible way. I explain in depth how privileges, grants and user roles in MySQL 8.0 can be utilized to enhance data security.

Monitoring large Scale Databases

There are a variety of tools that can be integrated with the MySQL 8.0 databases that help in database monitoring. We will go through some of the most important tools that will help you as a DBA to monitor your database.

Is it worth it?

I have been a DBA for almost 2 decades and there have been innumerable people who have found the positive impact of the right kind of training. Fortunately, my co-authors and I have been able to pen down these concepts, guides and exploratory strategies for DBAs looking to advance their skills.

We have put in a lot of effort writing the Advanced MySQL 8 book that is aimed to equip you with some great set of tools and strategies. This combined with examples and use cases is sure to make you master the new suite and be prepared for the challenges that lie ahead of you.

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